Question Description

Create an Care Plan and follow the NURSING CARE PLAN RUBRIC instructions.

Patient information:

Patient female 48 years old

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Admission Diagnosis: Stroke non-hemorrhagic, deficit right sided, speech

History: High cholesterol 350

Diabetes – blood glucose 320



Patient admitted after stroke, patient was at home complains with right sided weakness called 911 brought to hospital where she was diagnostic with stroke.

Patient is married has two child, husband is god (catholic)

Physical Assessment 5-6

1- lung sounds

2- bowel sounds

3- skin

4- upper extremities (right sided 0/5)

5- lower extremities (right sided 2/5)

Diagnose: CT of the brain _Lab glucose_Hemoglobin_CBC

Medications: Crestor, Coreg, Insuline Novolog and Cymbalta

Here are the care plan rubric instruction, care plan example and care plan template please follow the instructions

Question Description

In this unit, you have explored the role of the master’s prepared nurse specific to nursing administration. Based on the unit content and readings, please explain the following:

  • What “myths” about nursing administration did you have prior to this unit? Or, did the content of this unit support what you already knew about nursing administration?
  • How has the information contained in this unit impacted your perceptions of your nurse administrator (this could refer to your immediate supervisor or a more senior nurse administrator in your organization)?

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