PDR-243196 Culture of Safety as a nurse Leader In NURS300, you were asked to evaluate an organization’s culture of safety. This has been a theme throughout the nursing curriculum. Now, in NURS350, you will look at this issue again, through the eyes of a nurse leader. *** Remember I am the nurse leader in the paper and this is my view*** Looking at the culture of safety through the eyes of a nurse leader::For reference you can look at PlDO-219371 (it was the first paper on the culture of safety,I had done ) You will be using your organization(Lawrence General Hospital Lawrence,Ma 01841) You are to submit your plan for change in the organization, based upon your evaluation, observations and course work over the last several months. Perhaps you have already begun this process of recommending change or participating in a group or committee. Perhaps you have been considering it but have not yet started. In this paper, tell me what safety issue you would like to address and what your role would be in bringing about change. Be specific in addressing what the issue is, how it relates to organizational and national safety initiatives, and how change will improve patient care and outcomes. Look at the Culture of Safety as well as the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety goals. Your paper should be written in APA format, and should be 3-5 pages in length, excluding title and reference pages. PlDO-219371: http://jmp.sh/S2yNKs3 4 pages, 2 APA

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