HSA 500Demographic Distribution, Mortality Trends, and Access to Health Care Services.Analyze the growing consumer demographics in a diverse U.S. society in terms of consumer satisfaction with health care services, and provide a rationale for the use of present health services in todays diverse demographical social framework. (This is an interesting topic and I look forward to the discussion. The United States is a diverse country and one size does not fit all. For example, in Florida the demographics are older folks, whereas Alaska, the demographics are diverse and very rural).Analyze the demands and growing trends in new diseases (e.g., heart disease and cancer) affecting the present U.S. population. Summarize the impact of these demands on available health services. (There are too many examples to list for this discussion. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. The one demand on health care that is in the media is Ebola and the respiratory virus that has killed several children. There is also the swine flu, sexually transmitted disease, chronic disease).Analyze the mortality trends in the U.S. and compare the demographic distribution associated with these trends. Evaluate the importance of societys role in promoting a healthy lifestyle, as well as adopting lifestyle choices.(This will be an interesting discussion. For example, in the 1950s before the polio vaccine was discovered, most children either died or had a physical impediment. I look forward to the discussion.)

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