nursing informatics

  • Describe a HITECH breach of PHI, explain the investigative notification processes associated with a security breach, and explain the OCR sanctions that are applicable.
  • Develop a PowerPoint with a minimum of 12 slides (not including the title slide and reference slide)
    1. Describe HITECH regulations
    2. Describe personal health information
    3. Describe how HITECH regulations support HIPAA and protects client health information
    4. Identify personal health information breach of security
    5. Describe the notification process
    6. Discuss the investigative process
    7. Explain OCR sanctions
    8. Describe security protocols necessary to maintain personal health information protected
    9. Required 3-4 peer-reviewed nursing journals references
    10. APA format
    11. Be sure to proofread presentation and eliminate all spelling and grammar errors

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