Question Description

Please answer the following 3 questions. Each answer must be at least 3 paragraphs for each question to receive full credit. Research at least 3 sources to substantiate your answer and include in your references. As usual, be sure to post on at least two other students board and include a reference.

1. Describe the characteristics of patient-centered care AND the importance of each characteristic.

2. You are taking care of an 80 African-American year old male patient in a medical surgical unit who was hhospitalized with congestive heart failure. He is being discharged with multiple medications and home health care. Describe the steps you would take to provide patient education including cultural considerations.

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3. Describe how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your education on the scenario stated in question 2.

Question Description

Create a fictitious patient who has THREE different health conditions (diseases/disorders) associated with THREE different organ systems of the body. 1. describe your patient a. give them a name b. include gender and age c. include a patient history related to the onset of the condition such as family history, work environment, injuries, etc. 2. For each condition discuss the relevant anatomy (cellular, tissue, organ, system) and physiology (including the cellular physiology when relevant) 3. For each condition describe signs and/or symptoms.

higher score by o researching and including patient history information relevant to each condition o discussing health conditions which have overlapping signs and/or symptoms (i.e. pain in an area of the body could be caused by two completely different organ systems)

Use essay format with separate paragraphs for separate ideas.

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