Describe the most significant milestone(s) in the history of public health informatics.

• Refer to the CDC and WHO websites and state the similarities and differences between the types of public health data available with both these organizations.

• Explain the different kinds of statistics and data available with the CDC and WHO. In addition, explain the various methods of research that they use.

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• Explain some of the major roadblocks that the field of public health informatics has encountered during the course of its development.

• Describe the most salient issues facing the field of public health informatics today.

• List and describe the various web-based data query programs that are available for different states, including your own. 


The dispute over exposing the comparative performance of physicians on a wide spectrum of variables has been resolved in favor of the consumers of health care. Despite physician protests, a number of states have passed legislation that gives the public access to physician information, including disciplinary records, malpractice actions, and whether a physician has lost hospital privileges. Are these fair and balanced bases on which consumers should make medical decisions? 

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