This is the article needs to be critiqued with Correct use of APA format (6th Ed.).

Shaw, R., & Bosworth, H. (2012). Baseline medication adherence and blood pressure in a 24-month longitudinal hypertension study. Journal Of Clinical Nursing, 21(9/10), 1401-1406. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2702.2011.03859.x

Each student will select a quantitative, single study research article related to their IOM interest area identified in the introductory thread. This article must be authored by a nurse or found in a nursing journal. There is 5 page limit, not counting the title page and references. After page 5, the material will not be graded, and you will lose points for any sections lost to the page limit.
Review cpt 4, Mateo and Kirchoff; cpt 5, Craig and Smyth; part 3 in Polit and Beck; Coughlan, Cronin, & Ryan, and other related articles and readings.
Included in the review should be the identification of the PICO (Population/Patient; Intervention; Comparison (if appropriate); and Outcome. An evaluation of the research question/hypothesis in your article according to framing the question. Describe the relationship of nursing research to evidence based nursing. Give at least one example of nursing practice based on evidence from the research. Identify the components of Evidence-Based Nursing (EBN) that apply to this example (PICO). Effectively discuss the background of this research. Paraphrase very carefully!
Identify the sampling method and discuss its appropriateness for the study. How was sample size determined? Was it appropriate? Address ethical considerations for the sample. Discuss the article in terms of how the researcher(s) did or did not demonstrate that the study was reliable and valid. Include information on the type of instruments used to collect data and methods of data collection. Be sure to address errors of measurement, reliability of measuring instruments, and internal consistency. Provide the background/rationale for your answer to justify your response, using references.

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Rate the level of evidence of your research article according to a reliable hierarchy of evidence. You must provide the correct citation for the scale used chosen. Please see the section “Hierarchy of Evidence” under assigned readings for sources to use for this component of the paper. Remember to cite all sources used to develop this paper.

Address how the data were collected in this research study. Consider the quality of the data in your research study. How was it presented?
Remember, you are critiquing, not reporting. For example: Was the sampling method appropriate? Why or why not? What would have been more appropriate? Why?

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