Unit 4 Assignment Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment: • Describe the transtheoretical model and stages involved in healthy behavior change. • Discuss the role of motivation in exercise adoption and adherence, and identify behavioral strategies for enhancing motivation. • Describe a variety of motivational strategies. • Determine which motivational strategies are appropriate based on a client’s stage of change. Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment: EF310-1: Identify national organizations with certification programs and resource materials for exercise and fitness programs. EF310-2: Define motivational strategies and techniques for each age group cohort. Instructions: Unit 4 Motivational Strategies Assignment Background: When working with clients it is important to determine their readiness for change and identify appropriate motivational strategies they can use to increase or maintain their physical activity. Instructions: To complete this Assignment, review the biographies of the four sample clients, Justin, Jennifer, Sally, and Carl, then listen to each client’s audio clip for additional information about their readiness for change. Answer all Assignment questions below for each of the four clients (total of four assessments). Biographies: Justin Jennifer Sally Carl Audio Clips: Justin Jennifer Sally Carl Part I: Identify client’s level of readiness • Identify each client’s current stage of change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action,maintenance). Be sure to discuss why you reached this conclusion. Does the client have high or low self-motivation to make a change in their physical activity/lifestyle? Part 2: Barrier and Motivational Strategies • Identify each client’s current barriers to exercise/physical activity (include real and perceived barriers). • Based on each client’s stage of change and their barriers, identify at least three motivational strategies that the client could employ to increase their activity (see table 23.1 on page 423 in your text as well as “Motivational Strategies” on page 423). In your discussion, include at one peer-reviewed source for each client that supports your recommendations (Total of four unique peer reviewed sources for the entire assignment). Project must be in APA format and utilize references. Expected length is at least 4 pages total length; approximately one page/client

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