Write a four-page essay in APA on food science & technology_challenges for a new product developmentMy major is Marketing and I need seven sourcesDescriptionYou have been assigned project manager to evaluate the feasibility of a new product launchfor Health and Wellness Company. The company is committed to providing healthier snack foodchoices for the moderate to low income consumer.Their latest product concept is something called Peanut Butter Pops. Characteristicsinclude:1-1.5 cm sphere of peanut butter with ~0.5 Tbsp of peanut butter encased in an edible shellpacked in vending packs of 4 spheres (equivalent to one serving (2 Tbsp) of peanut butter).The product is positioned for the peanut butter lover, as an alternative to the lesshealthy peanut butter products in the market.The edible shell: One means of protecting your peanut component during distribution is tocoat the peanut ball with an edible material. You might consider a sugar shell such aswhat is used with peanut butter M&M’s, a chocolate flavored shell such as used for maltedmilk balls, or some other material that is both protective and pleasantly edible. Whichwould you select, and why would you select that particular coating to contain the peanutbutter?There are major chemical stability challenges associated with this product, such as wateractivity, moisture gradients and lipid oxidation. Discuss these specifically in referenceto the peanut butter pop products. In your answer, you should address why this peanutbutter pop would be a healthier alternative that may include the composition and make-up ofthe lipids in peanuts; it may include information on satiety due to lipids, fiber orproteins; it may include information on the composition and make-up of the lipids that makeit susceptible to lipid oxidation; it may include information on the water activity andwater activity differences between the two main components (the peanut butter and thechocolate shell), and how you would maintain stability.Describe the major microbial issues related to the ingredients used (consider specs anddocumentation that might be applied in purchasing the items), describe environments wherethe product is processed, packaged, and distributed (e.g., sanitation, facilities,practices, etc.), and assess the final product (rate microbial stability and the safetyhazard, address microbial shelf-life). Describe any microbial concerns with this productand possible resolutions to problems or potential problems.Peanuts and peanut products are known allergens that affect a small fraction of thepopulation. How would you account for the presence of peanut in the product technicallywithout having to remove the product from mainstream distribution? For example, how wouldyou engineer a processing/packaging operation to ensure that the peanut component isconfined to your product? Describe the major the packaging stability challenges associatedwith this product and possible resolution.Be sure to include documentation of resources consulted. Commodity groups and *.org, *.eduand *.gov sites often have easy to find information, such as:http://www.peanut-institute.org/http://www.health.harvard.edu/press_releases/Is-peanut-butter-healthyhttp://nationalpeanutboard.org/nutrition/peanut-nutrition-in-a-nutshell/

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