Question 1

Discuss at least two implications of health care reform on the health care organization’s goals and strategic plan. How will processes and operations need to be adjusted to meet the requirements of health care reform legislation? Also list reference

Question 2

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Evaluate the “Comprehensive Organizational Plan” presented by Oetjen and Rotarius. Is this model suitable for any type of health care organization? Discuss the implications of the model on the ability of health care managers to contain cost, preserve quality, and promote universal access. (see the second attachment for the comprehensive organization plan). Thanks


a case study concerning air pollution in a real-world environment. Describe the sampling site locations and particulate matter sizes sampled; list three PAH’s that were sampled. Explain how the AirmetricsMiniVol portable air sampler works. Which location in the case study had the highest average mass concentration of PM2.5? Why? What type of cooking (deep-frying, stir-frying, or boiling) results in the highest PM2.5 concentrations and thereby poses the highest health risks?

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