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Referring to evidence-based nursing literature and literature by people who haveexperiences of living with the effects of a mental disorder, discuss how an understanding of peoples’ lived experiences of a mental disorder can contribute to the development of person-centred mental health nursing practice

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identify one aspect of your own nursing practice that requires some development to work collaboratively with people who have a lived experience of a mental disorder. With reference to relevant nursing literature, discuss how you could develop this 
aspect of your own nursing practice.

In this section of the discussion you can use the first person, ‘I’, when you are discussing your own practice development; however, you must also support this section of the discussion with references to relevant literature

Hypothetical Question with Sample Answer. Janine was hospitalized with severe abdominal pain and placed in an intensive care unit. Her doctor told the hospital personnel to order around-the-clock nursing care for Janine. At the hospital’s request, a nursing services firm, Nursing Services Unlimited, provided two weeks of in-hospital care and, after Janine was sent home, an additional two weeks of at-home care. During the at-home period of care, Janine was fully aware that she was receiving the benefit of the nursing services. Nursing Services later billed Janine $4,000 for the nursing care, but Janine refused to pay on the ground that she had never contracted for the services, either orally or in writing. In view of the fact that no express contract was ever formed, can Nursing Services recover the $4,000 from Janine? If so, under what legal theory? Discuss.

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