A Model For Advanced Nursing Practice

Need this by Thursday 4th

1750 words (exculding cover page adn references)

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Please follow instructions below


I. Title Page. A Model For Advanced Nursing Practice 

II. Table of Contents 

III. Introduction (Include your philosophy of advanced practice nursing in this section.) 

IV. Theoretical Base Briefly 

discuss the one major theory (nursing or non-nursing) upon which this model is based. 

Be sure your clear understanding of the theory is evident in the discussion. 

V. Conceptual Framework 

Identify the major concepts that comprise the framework for your model. 

Discuss the concepts in relation to health promotion, illness prevention, and maintenance of function. 

Discuss how the conceptual framework reflects the metaparadigm of nursing. 

VI. Advanced Nursing Practice 

A. Nursing. 

Discuss nursing in terms of the goals of health promotion, illness prevention, and maintenance of function. 

Describe the scope of clinical care/therapies/services provided by the master’s prepared nurse using your model. 

Discuss how your model differentiates nursing care/treatment from that provided by other health professionals. 

B. Clientele 

Describe the particular adult clientele to be served/treated/cared for by the advanced practice nurse using this model. 

C. Describe the practice setting(s) in which you see this model best being Implemented and explain your reasons for selecting the setting(s).  

VII. Relationship Between the Conceptual/Theoretical Framework and Advanced Nursing Practice 

How does your model for advanced nursing practice reflect the use of a major theory and a conceptual framework? 

How is the nurse’s advanced practice to be influenced (or directed) by the use of this model? 

How would you expect to see use of this model improving health care? 

VIII. Reference List 


1. There must be minimum of 5 References / citations. 

2. The references /citations should not be older than 5 years (2012 – 2017). 

3. References / citations must be written in APA Style. 

4. The References / citations must be from scholarly articles / textbooks/ journals and not from blogs. 

5. Wikipedia must not be used for references at all. 

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