Based on Chapter 8 answer the following questions: 1. Describe Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit.Based on Chapter 10 answer the following questions:2. Discuss the impact of electronic health records on the healthcare industry. Identify three reasons that the EHR should be implemented. What are three barriers to implementation? 3. What is telehealth? What is telemedicine? How do these concepts impact how physicians and patients interact?Based on Chapter 12 answer the following questions: 4. In your opinion what are the ethical issues regarding pharmaceutical marketing to physicians? 5. What are the five basic values that all health care providers should observe?6. What are the four models identified by Veatch (1972) that apply to the doctor-patient relationship?7. What are Institutional Review Boards and why are they important to healthcare ethics?Based on Chapter 13 answer the following questions: 8. The elderly experience higher rates of mental health illness. Discuss four reasons why mental health issues are not always properly diagnosed in the elderly population.9. Identify the types of mental health professionals that provide services.10. Identify and discuss the differences between the two types of mental health commitment law.11. Discuss mental health issues and the homeless population. Provide statistics regarding mental health care and the homeless.12. Discuss mental health issues with the military.

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