Educational Planning: Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing Rationale Essay – Instructions The Rationale Essay is a scholarly paper which you write to explain your degree plan. It describes how previous credits from other colleges and prior knowledge will blend with current studies to create the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree at SUNY Empire State College. The Nursing Assessment Committee approves your degree plan and rationale essay as a step in recommending the student for graduation. The degree plan must meet all of the following criteria: Degree Total credits Maximum advanced standing credits Minimum liberal studies credits Minimum”>general education”>credits Minimum advanced-level credits in your concentration Minimum advanced-level credits in your program B.S. in Nursing 124 93 62 30 40 45 Compose a 3-5 page paper following″>Written Assignment Rubric.png” alt=”Title: image of an icon that represents “opens in a new window” – description: image of an icon that represents “opens in a new window””>, including all requirements of APA format. There are eight sections to your Rationale Essay; the content for each section is outlined below. Unless otherwise stated, each of these sections should be used as a Level 1 heading in your paper “Centered, Boldface, Uppercase and Lowercase Heading” (American Psychological Association, 2010, p. 62). Sections of Paper: 1. Introduction: (no heading) briefly introduce the purpose of this paper to the reader and provide an overview of the key areas that will be addressed. 2. Goals in Pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Drafted in Modules 1 and 2 · Describe your personal and professional goals in pursuing the BSN · Discuss what new knowledge, skills, and experiences you wish to develop during the program 3. Expectations of the Nursing Professional:Review and revise your content from the Discussion in Module 2 · Describe the professional expectations of the nurse with a baccalaureate degree · Discuss the professional opportunities that are available to the nurse with a baccalaureate degree and how your role might change 4. Academic Expectations:See Learning Activity in Module 2-Address how your degree plan will meet all of the following requirements. Indicate the number of credits being transferred in from other sources and the number of credits to be completed with SUNY Empire State College: · Bachelor of Science degree requirements at SUNY Empire State College (124 credits total) · SUNY General Education requirements (7 out of 10 knowledge areas; at least 30 credits) i. Math – required area ii. Basic Communication – required area · Required number of advanced level credits (at least 45 credits) · Required number of liberal credits (at least 62 credits) · Required nursing credits (at least 40 credits, advanced level) · ESC studies – 31 credits minimum 5. Degree Plan Narrative: · Identify that you will be taking the nine core nursing courses as required by the program. If you are taking each of these courses, there is no need to list them all by name… OR … · Identify modifications to the nursing core sequence if you are using transcript credit from another college or are planning to use the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process to meet the any of the nursing courses · Explain how your nursing elective will be met · Describe the courses you will use to meet any outstanding general education requirements. · Discuss any additional CBE/PLA credit that you intend to pursue with this degree · Identify the proposed timeline to degree completion 6. Conclusion: write a brief paragraph to summarize the key points of the paper 7. References: include any references as a separate last page of the essay, but before the planning grid 8. Degree Plan Grid: Drafted in Module 3 · Identify (by name) the courses and college term for completion · Outline the proposed sequence and course of study · Add a page break after the reference page (or final narrative if no references are used), and then include the Planning Grid as your final page. References American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.

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