Unit 2 Assignment: EHR Certification & Release of Information

Course outcome addressed in this Assignment:

· HI510-1: Given access to a health information system, evaluate whether it meets Meaningful Use, including goals, components, criteria, certification, attestation, and MU program outcomes.

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The field of health information is subject to many laws, regulations, requirements, and standards. The interaction between regulation and health influences the daily operations of healthcare providers. Sharing data between two separate organizations can be a delicate balance between the patient and organizations. Knowing the regulations that govern health information and the release of information is imperative. Failing to adhere to and think about the rules and regulations when forming decisions and policy can expose the organization and provider to unwarranted risk. In this Assignment, you will review select two EMR systems and review them for compliance with Meaningful Use and EMR certification requirements. You will also review release of information requirements.


Select two EMR systems from the list below.

· OpenMRS

· VistA

· FreeMED

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