For the course project you have been assuming the role of a consultant who has been hired to evaluate a clinical mental health counseling program that provides services in your community or region.You are creating a hypothetical but plausible program with hypothetical stakeholders clients interventions and measures. And you are developing plans for an evaluation that will guide program improvements and document progress toward the program’s mission and goals.For this assignment in Unit 8 use the template linked in Resources to describe the evaluation design you chose the measures of outcomes that you have selected your data collection and analysis plans and how you plan to assure reliability validity and credibility of your data and your analysis.To achieve a successful project experience and outcome you must include the following sections for Part 2:Additionally your paper must:Make sure to use the template (link in Resources) for this assignment.


ReadA Case Study of Rural Health Care in the Economic Downturnand reflect upon the issues identified in Ashe County. How do socioeconomic factors such as those presented in the case affect the ability to deliver healthcare? How do you think healthcare organizations can provide care to rural communities? Research solutions that have been implemented in the past and try to develop new creative solutions based on what you have learned.

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