HLSC122: Inquiry in Health Care- Nursing Critique Paper Assignment

Task: EVALUATING the usefulness of evidence


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Mariana is a first year health sciences student at an Australian university. As a single mother with an 18 month old daughter, she is concerned she might find it difficult to mix with other students as her priorities will be different. She had a difficult childbirth and her daughter suffers from severe asthma. When Mariana is at university her daughter attends the local child care centre. Mariana herself suffers from diabetes and a rare blood disorder. Mariana has limited family support and lives in a small unit a bus ride away from the university.

You know that you must appraise the quality of each paper and you would like to know which of the two papers provided is most relevant to Mariana regarding stress reduction and mood improvement.

Step 1: actual patient daybudgeted patient daysdjusted/allowed nursing hoursCalculate the Adjusted/allowed Nursing Hours based on the actual patient days: adjusted/allowed nursing hours Step 2: allowed/adjusted numberCalculate the Productivity Measure: Productivity MeasurePlease round to nearest tens Step 3: varianceCalculate the Variance: Variance

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