Program Evaluation as a Key Tool in Health and Human Services 

Evidence-based practice utilizes a variety of research methods  to gather evidence as to the efficacy of a program’s effectiveness, or  cost effectiveness. According to your text, “Sound research and its  applications, although not guarantees of perfect policies and programs,  are extremely useful tools in developing sound social policies and  programs” (p. 281). Additionally, we read that evaluation research is  different from “basic” research in that evaluation research is based on  reality factors in the field and can answer the question: Is this  program achieving its goals within the cost estimates?

In  this assignment, you will create a fictional “how to” guide in  which you will analyze the steps pertinent to effective program  assessment. Specifically, you will:

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Explain the parts of the program evaluation, and how one would carry out a program evaluation.
Explain the steps of the program evaluation and what the program evaluator would want to measure / evaluate.

Your fictional “how to” guide is intended to provide a  step-by-step explanation of the components related to evaluating  programs; you will not be conducting an assessment as part of the  assignment. An example of a program evaluation and the research format  is given in the Evaluation Strategies for Human Service Programs (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..   Your example can be any of the typical health and services areas  including: hospitals, nursing homes, clinic for substance abuse,  counseling clinics, Salvation Army, Red Cross, homes for the homeless,  special school programs, crisis centers and social support. Program  evaluation can include a variety of different research approaches and  may also include acquiring a great deal of data.  As you read the  article Introduction to Program Evaluation for Public Health Programs: A Self-Study Guide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.,  keep in mind the information requirements to carry out a program  evaluation. Certainly the connections among program outcomes, the  activities of the program, and consequential outcomes constitute the key  model of any program evaluation. Access the  Introduction to Program Evaluation for Public Health Programs: A Self-Study Guide  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for more information for this assignment.

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