Assignment 2: Evolution of Professional Nursing and Culturally Diverse Workforce Analysis
of RA1:
In this module, we looked at the evolution of the nursing profession and how it relates to the continued issue of achieving a culturally diverse workforce. Despite our progress in moving toward a culturally diverse nursing workforce, efforts are needed to achieve nursing workforce diversity to meet patient care needs. The report produced by the Sullivan Commission on Diversity in the Healthcare Workforce (2004) provided a framework from which one can understand nursing workforce diversity issues. In particular, it provided a way to systematically review issues surrounding the historical context of nursing workforce diversity, why increasing workforce diversity is important, how we might achieve a more diverse workforce and how it may be paid for, and who is accountable for achieving the diversity goal.
Use the derived Sullivan Commission Report framework to describe and analyze nursing workforce diversity in a workplace of your choice. The framework is given in the bulleted list below.
Support your analysis with references. You must reference at least three nursing journal articles that are not from your reading assignment. Additionally, you may cite documents from the Module 1 reading assignments.
Protect workplace and personal identifiers in the completion of your assignment

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