Establishing a culture of sound business ethics within an organization is challenging, to say the least. Companies that market products that are not considered to be “healthy” for consumers have additional challenges. Using the CSU Online Library, research a company that markets “unhealthy” products. Examples might include tobacco or alcohol companies but these examples are not exclusive. Respond to the following questions. 1. Briefly describe the company and its product and the ethical dilemma associated with the production and distribution of its products. 2. Examine how the perception of the product differs within cultures both within the United States and globally. 3. How has this company handled the ethical implications of its product with a focus on social responsibility, integrity, and business ethics? 4. Explain how leadership within the organization can instill a culture of ethics within the marketing department as they strive to advertise a product that is not healthy for the customer. 5. What conclusions can be made about the organization in relation to the concepts of business ethics? Your response should be a minimum of 2 double-spaced pages not including the title and reference pages. You are required to use at least 1 peer-reviewed source. Referenced sources must have accompanying citations complying with APA guidelines. Your essay should be formatted in accordance with APA style. For step-by-step instructions for formatting a paper in APA style, please refer to the CSU Citation Guide ( Instructions for formatting formal documents can be found on page 17.

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