There are exciting trends in healthcare technology today, of that there is no doubt. Three of the most interesting trends are telehealth, cloud computing, and radio frequency identification technology. Select one of these emerging technologies, and explain how it can be used to improve health care delivery.

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Telehealth can be used to improve health care delivery in that a patient does not need to leave their home for certain services. I have seen first hand the ease of this type of patient health service. My 73 year old father has high blood pressure and diabetes. He needs to monitor his sugars and blood pressure on a daily basis. Telehealth allows him to avoid having to go to the VA because he does all of his monitoring at home. He takes his blood pressure every morning and the results are transmitted to a nurse at the VA directly. Within hours, if his blood pressure is high or low a nurse calls him to address it. This type of health care delivery has helped him control his high blood pressure because he gets instant results without having to travel the hour it would take him to get the the VA. He can adjust his meds as needed at home or refrain from hollering at my mom for that day.

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