Information Systems Response
Rasmussen Hospital physicians are somewhat skeptical as to why the hospital needs to adopt an electronic health record.
Explain which reason you feel is the most important.
Identify four reasons you will share with the physicians explaining the reasons for the transformation to an electronic health record.

As the Health Information Management manager, you are concerned about the functionality of the electronic health record you will be selecting. You consult the functionalities identified by the Institute of Medicine as your guide.

List and explain the functionalities that constitute an electronic health record as identified by the Institute of Medicine.

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You are concerned if your state or licensing authority authorizes the creation and storage of patient-specific information in an electronic medium.

Explain the three answers that state laws may provide as to whether you can or cannot create and store patient-specific data in electronic form.

List and explain five safeguards that you will implement for the computer systems at Rasmussen Hospital.

Healthcare providers at Rasmussen Hospital are responsible to safeguard patient information found in the electronic health record. They are also responsible to follow security and privacy regulations.

List two federal acts that address the healthcare providers’ responsibility in terms of safeguarding patient information.

Explain three ways you will ensure the physical security of the electronic health record.

Explain three ways you will ensure personnel security to safeguard the electronic health record.
List and explain eight (8) risk prevention techniques you will implement at Rasmussen Hospital to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data.

HIPAA’s Security Rule establishes security safeguards for protected health information. List the three safeguards within the Security Rule.
Patient health information is protected regardless if in a paper-based format or online such as in an email. List three agencies, laws or accrediting bodies that address the protection of patient- specific information contained in an email.

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