The purpose of these papers is to allow you to explore and reflect on selected chapter readings from a more personal perspective. You will have an opportunity to critically express your own thoughts, ideas, and insights regarding a particular topic. These papers are less formal than a traditional term paper or research paper, but do require critical thinking. Despite being stylistically informal, these thought papers should not simply restate ideas as they were discussed in class or presented in the readings. Instead, they should reflect your own critical insights and thoughts on a particular topic.

To facilitate this process, I will provide 5 essay questions related to one major course topics. The topic involves stress and coping.These thought questions will be posted at the button.

Although it is acceptable to use a first person style (e.g., “I”) in writing these papers, they should nonetheless follow a good scholarly style, and can include references to other research, theories, etc. if you choose. Research and formal citations are not mandatory for course readings as it is understood that the material you are citing is already referenced on the course reading. However, you can include references in order to practice your APA style. Although you do not need to follow APA guidelines when writing these papers, good grammar and style are still important for conveying your ideas.

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Each thought paper is expected to be single-spaced and typed, with a cover page indicating the title, date, your student number, etc. Although these are less formal compositions, handwritten papers are not acceptable. Each paper will be graded out of 50 (10 points per question x 5 questions = 50 marks) marks for originality, depth of thought, insight, critical thinking, and relevance to the concepts from class.

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