Fundamental of Mental Health Nursing: Therapeutic Relationship- Nursing Essay Writing Assignment


Recovery and the therapeutic relationship are foundational concepts in mental health nursing. The intent of this essay is to endow you with a thorough understanding of foundational concepts in contemporary mental health nursing. This essay will require you to explore and develop an understanding of the literature in relation to recovery, and in relation to the therapeutic relationship. You will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of how the concepts apply to mental health nursing, and you will be expected to develop logical arguments by using evidence.

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Recovery and the Therapeutic Relationship in Mental Health Nursing This assessment is an essay style task, which will require you to demonstrate your understanding of foundational concepts in mental health nursing. This assessment requires you to address two separate questions.

Question 1 (worth 20%):

Discuss the meaning of recovery in mental health care. In your answer, identify principle tenets of the recovery paradigm and its general implications for practice.

Question 2 (worth 20%):

Discuss how and why nurses develop a therapeutic relationship/therapeutic alliance with consumers. Relate the discussion to recovery principles.


You are to address each question separately. To do so, clearly, title each answer with the headings ‘Question 1’ and ‘Question 2’.

Do not write an introduction or conclusion paragraph.

Important Notes on Writing and Referencing:

A maximum of 5 websites can be referenced in this assignment.

If referencing an edited textbook, the specific chapter must be cited.

You are to use a minimum of ten references.

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