Select a serious workplace hazard with which you are familiar, or use Steps 1 and 2 of the Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment Guide on page 114 of the course textbook to help you select one. Use Steps 3-10 of the guide to evaluate the hazard and its associated risks, and then use the Unit IV Hazard Analysis/Risk Analysis Project Form and fill out the form using the “Add Text” tool. To complete the Initial Risk Assessment and Post Control Risk Assessment sections on the form, use the following codes based on the Risk Assessment Matrix in Table 11 of the textbook:


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1 – Catastrophic

2 – Critical

3 – Marginal

4 – Negligible

PROBABILITY (Likelihood of Occurrence):

A – Frequent

B – Probable

C – Occasional

D – Remote

E – Improbable


H – High

S – Serious

M – Medium

L – Low

BOS 3651, Total Environmental Health and Safety Management 3

All sections of the form must be completed. Note that the Post Control Risk Assessment Measures section reflects the risk assessment AFTER applying the Additional Control Measures. In a paragraph of at least 500 words, explain the reasoning behind how you filled out each section of the form. Insert the completed form into the same Word document with your paragraph, using APA formatting for the paper format as well as for all references and in-text citations.

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