Kaplan University School of Health Sciences

Unit 2 Assignment Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

● Discover personal leadership style using contemporary leadership theory and principles in regards to professional development for self.

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● Apply personnel management skills in regards to people developer/staffing mentor.

● Apply personnel management skills, in regards to leadership and governance. ● Apply personnel management skills in regards to emotional intelligence. ● Apply personnel management skills in regards communication and interpersonal

skills. Course outcome(s) practiced in this Assignment: HS230-1: Evaluate the roles and responsibilities of administering, managing, and leading healthcare organizations. For the Assignment this week, you imagine yourself developing your initial plan of moving yourself toward a healthcare career and describe your plan and what you will need to develop yourself toward the goal. You will also describe the health care business you wish to work in and create a mission statement for your hospital or practice. Think about what types of patients you will be seeing, what types of care you will provide, and the members of the team that you have assembled. Remember that a mission statement provides the guidelines for all decision making and what outcomes they are based upon. Instructions Part 1: Imagine yourself embarking on a new career path toward becoming a Healthcare Administrator. You need to study contemporary leadership theories and principles and create a plan for professional development for yourself to help make your dream come closer to reality. Describe your vision of your plan for success (the more detail you give the clearer your path will be to yourself and others). Part 2: Imagine yourself as healthcare administrator for a hospital or practice (one in which you are familiar) and describe it in detail. Thoroughly describe the forces that impact the business including finance, insurance payment and delivery stakeholders and describe how each stakeholder group is satisfied (The more detail you give, the better your board will be able to understand how well your mission statement applies). Part 3: Create a mission statement for your hospital or practice, taking into account that the mission should you strive toward developing and empowering employees and your desire to provide leadership and governance direction for the business. Also, describe

HS230 Unit 2 Assignment

Kaplan University School of Health Sciences

how you will communicate the mission statement to all stakeholder groups and the interpersonal communication skills you will use. Requirements This Assignment will be 2 pages long in APA format, with a word count of at least 500. The paper should have at least two references other than the book for the course. Grading criteria will be based upon APA guidelines, spelling and grammar, as well as how well your mission statement reflects the goals of the practice you have set up. Submit your work to the unit Dropbox.

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