1. Identify a nursing or health care issue which relates to health policy or health care economics. State the issue in neutral terms. For example: the need for legislation related to child safety seats/restraints or the need for school nursing. The paper will have a minimum of 4 pages and maximum of 5 pages, excluding the cover page, reference pages, and appendices.
2. The first page of the paper should introduce the issue and provide details of the issue and pertinent literature.
3. The second page of the paper should contain all major “pro” arguments supporting the issue.
4. The third page should contain “con” arguments disagreeing with the issue.
5. The final page should include a paragraph supporting your views after consideration of the “pro” and “con” arguments. It should be brief analyses of your best argument.
6. There should be a reference page which includes, at least 5 current, scholarly and evidence-based references cited in APA 6th Edition format.


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Unit: Geriatric Case Management Practices Part 2
Deliverable Length: 3-5 pages (excluding cover, abstract, and reference pages)
For this assignment review THE ATTACHED SUPPORTING MATERIAL and complete the following:
Using the Caremore model in the supporting material, write a paper based on geriatric case management assessments and the general assessment in the traditional hospital setting. In your paper, you will compare and contrast the similarities and differences of the chosen assessment in traditional settings versus geriatric or long-term care settings (e.g., nursing home, home health, or adult day services).
You must include at least 4 academic or professional peer-reviewed sources in your paper that were drafted within the last 5 years.

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