Nursing Care Plan

Analysis: Identify and develop a priority three part actual nursing diagnosis statement, based on presented data that identifies health problems.
Planning: Develop one appropriate measurable patient outcome that will reduce or resolve the identified nursing diagnosis.
Implementation: Write four (4) nursing interventions, including one assessment action, one teaching action, and 2 actions to resolve the problem.
Evaluation: Identify criteria that will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the desired outcome. Project or imagine data to determine if the outcome has been met.
Complete your nursing care plan using the Nursing Care Plan Form

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NRSG367: Nursing – Transition To Professional Nursing – Nursing Assignment Help


Distinguish the transformation in skill acquisition fromnovice to expert;

Analyse the major theoretical foundations of leadership and teamwork skills in nursing; (GA 4,7)

Explain clinical governance in relation to nursing practice;

Apply communication theory, conflict resolution and negotiation skills to challenging interactions and situations in nursing practice;(GA 9, 10)

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