My organization is HCA Healthcare.

For YOUR organization, answer the following questions:

Identify major trends that are likely to affect a company such as Yours. Provide insight in the following areas by identifying at least two significant issues or trends for each area:

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Economic and financial
Legal and political
Social and cultural

Discuss how these trends will affect your organization. Be specific in linking the trends that you identify with specific areas of HRM (e.g., employment, managing diversity, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits, health and safety, and international HRM) implications to the trends that you have identified.

Cite any sources you use using the correct APA format on a separate page. This paper should be 3-5 pages


Population Health Promotion and Disease Prevention  In an effort to improve patient outcomes, healthcare providers have begun to shift their mindset from one of treating a disease or disorder to promotion of health and disease prevention. For this discussion, select a specific population and consider the following: •Identify the population you will be working with. •Based on current literature, discuss strategies to identify the specific needs of your selected population. ◦What are the fundamental concepts of health promotion and disease prevention?  •Discuss the positive and negative factors that can affect health promotion and disease prevention in your selected population. ◦Can you identify any cultural, psychological, or spiritual factors that may influence the health promotion and disease prevention of this population?

must be at least 150 words with at least one APA formatted reference in the post and as a reference. 

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