Written Assignment 3: Image and Voice of Nursing – Due Week 9

Students Please Note: This assignment must be submitted to turnitin.com.

The Turnitin originality report MUST be submitted in PDF format. At the link below is a screenshot with instructions: Screenshot with PDF Instructions

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Assignments submitted with turnitin reports in any other format will not be graded.

Reference the “Turnitin Requirement” section of the course Syllabus (or Using Turnitin for Assignments on the Topic List Page) for general instructions. Upload both your assignment and the originality report within the assignment link.

Purpose and Overview:

The purpose of this paper is for you to reflect on the historical and current image and voice of nursing and the profession of nursing are affected. You will project how to enhance the image and voice of nursing in the future in order to recruit, retain, and reward nurses.

Guidelines for Writing the Paper

This paper is a comprehensive assessment of nursing image and voice. You will conduct a review of literature about the image and voice of nursing and how it affects rewards, recruitment, and retention in nursing. Future challenges and strategies for improvement will be included.

This assignment, which is in the form of a scholarly paper, is worth 15% of your grade. The paper will be a minimum of 7 double-spaced pages in length and maximum of 14 pages, excluding the title sheet and the reference list, and minimally must address these criteria:

  1. Description of historical image of nursing. 
  2. Overview of how nursing image is portrayed by, and affected by, the media. Include various forms of media such as print, television, and film media 
  3. Explanation of how nursing leaders and nursing staff impact image. 
  4. Description of how the image of nursing can be improved. Combine a summary of findings from the literature with your thoughts; include at least two behaviors you can implement to improve the image of nursing. 
  5. Future challenges and summary. Briefly summarize the past image of nursing, the current image of nursing, and projections for the future image. Summarize the importance of image to nursing as a profession.

APA format of paper includes:

  • Title page
  • Body of paper: references cited in paper, margins, page numbers, paragraph structure, use of headings.
  • References: correct APA citation; minimum of five professional references

Submit your assignment using the Submission link.

Mentor’s tip for this paper:

The references listed in the back of From Silence to Voice may be helpful to identify possible resources for this paper.

Note: These directions will be used to evaluate and grade your assignment. Please refer to the details when preparing your assignment.

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