HLTEN510B: Implement and monitor nursing care for consumers with mental health conditions – Nursing Assignment

Q1: In your own words, describe the difference between a voluntary client and one detained under the Mental Health Act 2000.

Q2: In your own words reflect on your understanding of how Australian society’s perception of mental illness has changed over time. Issues to address should include social, political and economic contexts of mental health (max 200 words).

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Q3: When admitted to a mental health unit, every client provides a urine sample for testing of illicit drugs. Explain why this happens and your responsibility as an Enrolled Nurse.

Q4: Using the Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses Outline the role of the enrolled nurse in incorporating the cultural values and beliefs of an individual diagnosed with a mental health disorder.

Q5: What are some of the issues you would consider when admitting a client from another culture to a mental health facility?

Q6: Explain the term ‘case management’ and define the differences and characteristics of this type of management from other patterns of nursing care

Q7: Describe the impact of stigma and discrimination on consumers and significant others and indicate the role of the enrolled / division 2 nurse in reducing its impact on individuals affected by mental illness.

Q8: Explain the development of a therapeutic relationship.

Q9: Identify people who are considered most at risk of suicide and briefly explain your answer. Consider what is meant by resilience and vulnerability in your answer.

Q10: Research and explain why extra-pyramidal side-effects occur with the use of antipsychotic medication.

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