Information systems support and facilitate the functioning of people to enhance and evolve nursing practice by generating knowledge. This knowledge represents five rights: the right information, accessible by the right people in the right settings, applied the right way at the right time. It is also the struggle to integrate new knowledge and old knowledge to enhance wisdom. If clinicians are inundated with data without the ability to process it, this yields too little wisdom. That is why it is crucial that clinicians have viable information systems at their fingertips to facilitate acquisition, sharing, and utilization of knowledge while maturing wisdom; it is a process of empowerment.

  • If you could meet only four of the five rights, which one would you omit and why?
  • Provide a rationale for each right you chose to meet: 
    • Right Information
    • Accessible by the Right People
    • Right Settings
    • Applied the Right Way
    • At the Right Time

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