Many feel that health care is a public good which should be available to all in the community. However one can argue can the hospital/ clinic remain solvent if these services are not reimbursed? We will examine the case in the short assignment the specific case scenario of an illegal immigrant requiring regular dialysis treatments.Assume that you are a hospital administrator and were recently reviewing Emergency room reports indicating that there had been a recent influx of patients who were not legal citizens requiring dialysis treatments.You are aware that Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement for undocumented alien health care services is extremely limited and has not expanded by the ACA. However federal regulations provide that when an individual comes to an emergency room for emergency medical care that individual cannot be turned away and must be treated. Staff cannot inquire into the individuals ability to pay or citizenship. Dispensing health care services from an emergency department is one of the most expensive ways to deliver health care. While provision of this care is mandated as previously explained reimbursement is often denied when the patient is an illegal immigrant. This leaves the hospital to absorb the funds expended on providing the dialysis treatments. Hospitals are in a quandary about how to approach providing such care especially since dialysis is an ongoing treatment and this situation represents a chronic and persistent problem.Clarify your position in 750 to 1000 word count (a two to four-page) usingAPAstyle. Please answer the following questions:

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