NUR250: Medical Surgical Nursing- Nursing Assignment


Task 1: Patient assessment 
Assessment is one of the major roles of the registered nurse and is the first step in the nursing process to assist in planning and to facilitate mutually established goals and evaluate outcomes. In reality the nurse is continually assessing and re-assessing the patient throughout the continuity of care. In grammatically correct sentences and topic paragraphs and using current, reliable evidence for practice

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Identify 3 specific nursing assessments that you would conduct as a priority for Rosie’s nursing care that you 
will undertake on Rosie’s admission to your ward. 

For each assessment you have identified explain:

Why the assessment is relevant to Rosie’s care.

What consequences may occur if this assessment is not completed accurately?

Task 2: Care planning 
You recognise that Rosie may require assistance addressing her fundamental care needs. Based solely on the handover you have received and using the template provided, select five (5) fundamentals of care from Week 1 learning materials and develop a plan of care for each one identifying:

The related nursing problem

The underlying cause or reason that the nursing problem is related to

Goal of care

specific bedside nursing interventions you will do

The rationales for your nursing interventions and actions

Indicators that your plan is working

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