Research Utilization · I am only responsible for Part A, and study (subtitle) #3 · Topic is Mental health for trauma survivors Subtitle #3 Components of Synopsis: What was the purpose of the study (research questions, purposes, and hypotheses)? How was the sample obtained? What inclusion or exclusion criteria were used? Who from the sample actually participated or contributed data? What methods were used to collect data (e,g., sequence of events, timing, types of data , and measures)? Was an intervention/treatment/clinical protocol tested? Explain What were the main findings of this study? Research Utilization The purpose of this paper is to describe a global health problem that can be explored through nursing research, discuss how this health problem is applicable in both the United States and other countries of the world, and critique four research studies that have been done on the topic. This is a scholarly paper. DO NOT use the first person. The paper should be 8 – 10 pages (not including the title, abstract, and reference pages.). You must use a minimum of 3 research articles for your paper. The research articles will be discussed in the body of the paper, properly cited, and properly identified in the references. APA format for citing is required. Use what you’ve learned about the components of nursing research and strategies for critiquing research to guide your selection of appropriate research study articles. All THREE of the research study articles MUST BE written by nurses and published in a peer-reviewed nursing journal. At least ONE of the three nursing research studies must address nursing practice in another country. Part A: The first part of the paper should clearly define the global health problem, and discuss why it is important for nursing. Discuss how this problem is viewed in the United States and how it is viewed in another country. For example, if the focus is adult hypertension, discuss guidelines for defining hypertension in the US and in another country. ( we are doing mental health for trauma survivors) Use the heading Part A for this section. Part B: The second part of the paper will include an Appraisal synopsis for each of the research studies that you have selected for your topic. This part of the paper will discuss what is known about the health problem in the United States population and at least one other country of the world. For example, in regards to hypertension, you may choose four research study articles done by nurse researchers that looked at interventions to improve medication compliance, or the effect of diet and exercise in reducing elevated blood pressure. Use the heading Part B for this section. Then use the subheading Study #1-Nursing research study in the USA. Appraise and critique the article following the components of synopsis shown below. Begin by providing the article citation, then provide a synopsis of the article by answering the questions in Components of Synopsis. Conclude by discussing implications for practice, policy or further research as it relates to Study #1. Next use the subheading Study #2- Nursing research study non-USA. Follow the same instructions as for subheading Study #1. Next use the subheading Study #3 (this can be a nursing research study from USA or non-USA). Follow the same instructions as for subheading Study #1. Next use the subheading Study #4 (this can be a nursing research study from USA or non-USA). Follow the same instructions as for subheading Study #1. Part C: This is the conclusion of your paper, and summarizes the key points that you have addressed in your paper.

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