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Movie Analysis Assignment

View one of the movies listed below. Most can be rented from NETFLIX or other rental agency. After viewing the movie write a three page report using the criteria listed below.


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• Did the characters accurately exhibit the mental health disorders categorized by the list below? Give specific examples to explain. (20points)

• What societal/cultural attitudes are reflected about mental illness? (20 points)

• How did you react to the characters? (15 points)

• State 3 NANDA diagnoses and psychiatric nursing care you would provide to the main character(s)? (25 points)

• How could the film be used to help patients, families, and multidisciplinary staff understand mental illness/treatment? (15points)

This paper must be typed using APA format. (5pts)

The Client Experiencing Anxiety

The Onion Field: A violent and disturbing film about the kidnapping and murder of a policeman and the effects on his police partner, who proves unable to help and escape with his life. This portrays the power that anxiety can have to destroy a strong, healthy individual who faces terror and death without power to intervene.

Vertigo: A great dramatic portrayal of two anxiety diagnosis: fear of heights and posttraumatic stress disorder.

The Fear Inside: Agoraphobia makes the heroine of this film deathly afraid of the world outside her home.

Copycat: Sigoumey Weaver plays a criminologist whose near murder leads to profound post-traumatic agoraphobia.

The Aviator: Leonardo DiCaprio portrays the eccentric aviation pioneer Howard Hughes’s descent onto obsessive compulsiveness and reclusiveness.

The Client Experiencing Schizophrenia

A Beautiful Mind: Russell Crowe plays a brilliant mathematician living with schizophrenia.

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