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Norma Ellis is a 76 year old widow who recently had a fall at the nursing home she has lived in for the past 7 years and fractured her hip. She has subsequently had a hip replacement and has been rehabilitating well and is now due for discharge back to the nursing home. Norma has an extensive medical history including postural hypotension, rheumatoid arthritis and impaired mobility. She mobilised within the nursing home using a walker. Her son is demanding that his mother be kept in the ward as an inpatient as he feels the nursing home staff were negligent and wants his mother to be placed elsewhere but has not arranged this yet. The treating team consists of the doctor, physiotherapist, NUM of the rehabilitation unit, social worker and NUM of the Norma’s wing at the nursing home she was in prior to the fall. You are the designated team leader. The doctor feels there is no need to have Mrs Ellis on the ward as he feels that her rehabilitation has been maximised, this is an opinion shared by the physiotherapist. Norma wants to go back to the nursing home as she has made many friends there and feels at home there.

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Discuss the following questions

What are the key issues in this dilemma?

How would you deal with Norma’s son? Are his objections warranted?

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