NUR131: Evidence-Based Practice- Nursing Research Workbook Assignment


The goal of this assessment is to: 1) develop your research knowledge, and 2) critique a research article.

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Assessment Criteria

Completion of the workbook will be assessed according to the following criteria:
1. Understanding of the research process
2. Understanding of sampling principles
3. Understanding of principles of quantitative and qualitative data collection
4. Appraisal of published research papers
5. Understanding of ethical issues related to research where applicable

Workbook Format
The format of your workbook should use the following guidelines:
1. Typeface: Times New Roman with 12 point font size
2. Line spacing: 11/2 space
3. Layout orientation: Landscape
4. The Harvard reference style 6th edition must be used.

5. The file format MUST NOT be altered. You are expected to use academic writing in this assessment task.(Please note: Writing using the first person is not acceptable for this assessment task).

Workbook Part A: Research knowledge

A component of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) Registration Standards is Continuing Professional Development (CPD). “CPD is the means by which members of the professions maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal and professional qualities needed throughout their professional lives” (NMBA, 2016, p 1). An example of a CPD activity is attending “conferences, forums, seminars and symposia” (NMBA, 2016, p 2).
In NUR131 you are required to participate in the 8 research presentations as an illustrative example of a CPD activity. In Part A of the workbook you are required complete a workbook entry for each of the 8 Research Presentations. The research presentations for this activity are located in the

Assessment Task 3 Folder in the course BlackBoard.
Each presentation entry should be approximately 100 words and must address the following criteria:
1. Date you listened to the presentation
2. Name of the presenter
3. Title of the presentation
4. Identify 5 technical research terms discussed in the presentation
5. Choose 2 of the identified terms and provide a definition in your own words of the term (you must not use direct quotes).

You can only use a technical research term once across the 8 presentation entries.
Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) 2016, Continuing Professional Development Fact sheet, NMBA, viewed 2 July 2016 <””>.

Workbook Part B: The research process

Part B of the workbook requires you to answer a number of questions related to a research article. The workbook template (included on BlackBoard) includes the question areas that MUST be answered for this assessment task.
You are required to analyse and critique the journal article. Simple yes/no answers are not adequate responses. Do not use quotations as this demonstrates that you can find information but does not demonstrate that you understand a concept.

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