NUR250 – Nursing Care Of A Patient With Altered Skin Integrity- Nursing Assignment


The aim and purpose is to provide students the opportunity to demonstrate they:

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• Are developing their ability to locate, interpret, integrate, synthesize and apply nursing knowledge from NUR250, other units they have completed and a range of current, reliable sources to a patient case or scenario they may meet in day to day nursing practice in medical surgical settings.

• Are developing appropriate critical thinking, clinical reasoning and sound clinical decision making processes and strategies essential for safe, evidence-based and competent nursing practice in medical surgical settings.

• Are able to focus their attention to the needs of the individual patient as the key concern of nursing practice in medical surgical settings.

• Are able to explain and justify or defend their nursing care decisions.

• Have a developing understanding of the role and scope of practice of the registered nurse in the Australian health care context.

• Are progressing towards the level of professional written communication required for nursing practice in Australia.

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