Answer each question with not less than 600 words in response to the specific question provided. Include at least 2 in-text citations and references or government publications in each initial thread. All citations must be consistent with AMA formatting style.

Question #1: A Better Inspection

Fighting disease is an ongoing process. Sanitation inspections are a fundamental part of that fight. In the past a sanitation inspection aimed to identify and cite violations of rules and regulations. The current emphasis is to educate.

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· How do the two approaches differ in the ability to solve sanitation problems?

· What advantage does education offer?

· How does this policy shift affect our ability to alter risks?

Question #2: Strategic Application of Resources

In public health resources are limited. The available monies and personnel need to be deployed strategically to have the greatest impact for the protection of the public. In your opinion, what are the most critical points in the food distribution network to prevent illness? Justify your answer.

Question #3: Creative Application of Laboratory Science

The laboratory plays an important role in the investigation and identification of the cause of food borne illness outbreaks. The lab can be a much more important, and less celebrated, tool to prevent an outbreak of disease.

· Which steps of the food processing and distribution systems are of the most value in evaluating the risks?

· How can this information be incorporated into safety inspections to improve the integrity of the system?

· How can the use of laboratory data as a preventive measure help enhance the investigation of disease outbreaks?

Question #4: Building Capacity

A couple manages their own small scale food production and distribution system. Their success comes from delivering a high quality product with low risk of contamination. Assume that they are now in a position to expand their operation from a local enterprise to a nationwide business. As they do, more of their time will be spent in the negotiation and managerial components of the business and they must, therefore, hire a workforce to handle the actual production, packaging and distribution of the product in order to build capacity. Outline a sanitation training program for the couple using the most recent regulations on food safety.

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