Need an argumentative essay on Cover letter, resume and other assignments. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. 2. Practice Reflection Form Name: Jane Smith CNO Registration no: L4T 3P4 Area of practice: Occupational Health Position in nursing: Occupational NurseSource Of InputMy Areas of StrengthsMy Areas for ImprovementSelfI am competent with knowledge of needs of patients with long-term conditions.I have strong communication skills, both written and verbal.I am strong in clinical leadership skills.I have an ability to work long hours and under pressure.I am flexible, enthusiastic and strong team player.I have an ability to deliver consistently positive results. Improve confidence to deal with painful and stressful situations in practice.Lack of IT skills related to preparing patient’s documents, charts.PeerMy peers view is that I’m a strong team player when we are working as a team. They have mentioned that I have a special ability to resolve problems of patients when they are in serious situations. Further my peers mentioned that I can create good patient/nurse relationship with paying attention to each and every individual patient.I need more confidence in the job activities when I’m dealing with my subordinates and patients.I need to improve the techniques on patient care and reducing risk in healthcare delivery level.I need to develop collaborative ways and trustworthiness when dealing with patients. Resources I used to reflect on my practiceI used ‘changing patients’ worlds through nursing practice expertise’ online modules.National Council for the Professional Development of Nursing and Midwifery (National Council) Report.I referred Health Professions Act (HPA) &amp. nursing practice standards online report…. In this stage skills needed to be wide which is covering all the areas of nursing practice such as clinical skills, communication and consulting skills, IT skills and leadership skills (Donner, &amp. Wheeler, 2000).3. Thirdly PDP should get approved by the practice manager or an appraiser. In this scenario it is better to give awareness to the healthcare practice manager about the professional development needs. Thus it will support to the management to set the training and development needs as against the existing resources and employees.

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