Personal Ethics in Nursing

Grand Canyon University

Ethical Decision Making in Health Care

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NRS-437V Personal, Cultural, and Spiritual Values in Nursing

Personal Ethics in Nursing

Personal, Cultural, and Spiritual Values in Nursing

Nurses play an essential role in health centers by improving the health outcomes of their patients. The uniqueness in nursing is that it helps both individuals and other people to be engaged in activities that will improve and promote their health which will enhance their well-being (Hill, 2012). Nurses are supposed to adhere to the ethical provisions of their profession and they should also be able to define the principles of their profession as it is expected by the nursing profession. The principles and the ethical provisions are governed and reinforced by the American Nursing Association (ANA) which is in charge of making sure that the implementation of the code of ethics is appropriate. Being a member of the Pentecostal Christian Church, there are some values instigated in the author that provide guidelines to the activities he undertake. These values are personal, cultural, and spiritual which influence his philosophy and worldview.

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