PDR-242476 Philosphical perspective with the DNP role Objective: The purpose of the next 2-weeks is to develop a personal nursing philosophy from the perspective as a DNP. Written Assignment: Personal Philosophy Paper: Develop a short (4-6 page) paper excluding a title page and references. The aim of this paper is to develop your nursing philosophical perspective with the DNP role. The first part of your paper will define your nursing philosophy using the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm. The last part of the paper demonstrates how attainment of the DNP reflects your nursing philosophy related to a theorist/theory. A stellar paper (an A paper) clearly demonstrates that a nursing philosophical framework provides the framework for attaining the DNP. Incorporating a nursing theorist is not required unless your philosophy of nursing includes one and you believe it adds or is essential to completing the DNP. A clear connection to nursing science and nursing’s major philosophical concepts (person, environment, caring, health, nursing, transitions, other) is required. The paper should demonstrate a level of comfort or fluency with the subject matter. A stellar paper is well organized, fluid, a joy to read, without spelling or grammatical errors and within the page range (title page, references do not count). Be careful with overuse of first person as well as “this author”. This is a paper that is about your personal perspective, but stellar papers will convey a sense of personal perspective and will avoid the use of “I or me” (first person and “this author”). Accurate use of APA 6th ed. format is expected. Criteria for Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper: •Introduction- identifies purpose of the paper 5% •Brief description of the factors influencing the development of the personal nursing philosophy 5% •Define, describe and explain your personal thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm: 25% ?a.) Person/client ?b.) Environment ?c.) Health ?d.) Nursing ?e.)Summarize the interrelationship of the concepts •Identify and briefly describe the nursing theory or other theorist found to be the most compatible with your personal nursing philosophy 25% •Provide explanation with documentation that demonstrates compatibility of your personal philosophy with the theorist/theory identified in Week 4 & 5 above according to: 25% ?a.) Person/client ?b.) Environment ?c.) Health ?d.) Nursing ?e.) Summarize the interrelationship of the concepts •Summary and Conclusion 5% •APA Format (Organization, grammar, references etc.) 10% •Total 100% See grading rubric for details. Faculty input will be provided after submission of this paper. Submit paper: Session coursework # item type item name calendar/due date start date – end date Actions edit 1. Assignment DNP 634 Written Assignment: Personal Philosophy Paper 5 pages, 6 APA

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