Policy Evaluation WorksheetChoose a policy that was designed to improve the health of the U.S. population. Complete the following questions. Use a minimum of three sources for this assignment and include citations as needed. References and citations should be in APA format. Responses should be at least 75 to 150 words per question.Part 11. Give an overview of the policy you selected, including what factors led to its development and when the policy was implemented.2. Describe the purpose of the policy. If possible, use language in the policy itself to describe the purpose.3. What indicators or determinants of health should be addressed by the policy?Part 21. What data is needed to evaluate whether the policy is meeting its objectives? List at least two quantitative and two qualitative forms of data that could be used to evaluate your policy.2. How is data gathered to evaluate this policy? Who collects this data?3. Explain two specific evaluation metrics related to your policy. Use the data to explain whether or not you believe the policy is meeting its objectives.4. If the policy is not effective, what modifications would you propose for the policy? If the policy is effective, how would you strengthen the policy and ensure it continues to meet its objectives? Use evidence-based research to support your recommendations.5. What can we learn from the creation and implementation of this policy?References

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