This is the the assignment based on the video. here is the link of the video.

Assessment Item: Realising professionalism in Nursing Practice

Preamble: Professional behaviours and attitudes of the registered nurse towards patients and their families are central to the development of an effective therapeutic nurse patient relationship. Professional boundary violations of ‘under and over' involvement delineate best practice from poor practice, and often transmit to a lack of respect and empathy for the patient's health care needs. Such unprofessional practice will lead to patient's feeling unsafe physiologically, psychologically and culturally. Communicating professionally, using an emotionally intelligent and caring approach is fundamental for patients and their families to feel safe in the health care environment. As a registered nurse, it will be your responsibility to develop and maintain patient safety with professional attitudes and behaviours at all times.

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1. By using the knowledge that you have gained this semester in relation to professional practice in nursing and while referring to relevant literature analyse the video “Crossing professional boundaries as a registered nurse”. (300 words) For an example of analysis see the Hotspot below…

2. From your analysis, identify and justify (with literary support) 10 professional practice anomalies that did or had the potential to impact on patient safety. (300 words)

3. Using a wide range of quality literature, and referring to the video critically discuss how these identified anomalies may impact negatively on both the patient's care and the nurse's professional image. (300 words)

4. From the literature, argue professional practice changes that would be necessary in ‘Nickie's' attitude and behaviour that would enable actual or potential patient safety was ensured (300 words)

Some points to consider when writing this paper:

-Review the TASK carefully. Highlight and define key words and directive terms. See HOTSPOTS below where directive terms have been defined and examples given.

-Review the marking criteria on your CRA carefully. Your paper will be graded from the criteria outlined in the CRA, therefore it is essential that you write to meet the criteria.

-You will need a minimum of 15-20 quality sources to allow you to write this paper. These should be highest available quality. (Australian as a priority, then expand to international as needed)

-A complete reference list is required at the end of the assignment. This must only include those literary sources referred to in the body or appendix of your paper. For further information on referencing at QUT, refer to QUT Cite/Write via Referencing style is an important academic skill and should adhere exactly to Cite Write – QUT APA.

-Use a separate page for the reference list. Remember QUT APA = all sources in alphabetical order (no numbering).

-Word count does not include intext referencing, the reference list or an appendix (if you choose to use one).

-Your paper must include an introduction and a conclusion. (approx. 150 words each) The introduction must relate to the task and the intent of the paper. The conclusion however must draw key points raised in the paper related back to the task. This will show your well-reasoned understanding of professional practice in nursing.



Analysis is the detailed examination of an item or situation where each key factor noted is examined against a benchmark or parameter. As a registered nurse, you will collect data about your patient's health, and will then need to analyse the data to determine priorities of care, therefore it is essential that you learn this skill early and quickly.

1. Identify and define the key words as a starting point for your own knowledge and understanding of the sentence to be analysed.

“It is without doubt that nurses are angels”.

2. Address each key word and intention of the writer using the literature to benchmark your writing

B. ANALYSIS OF THE VIDEO for this piece of assessment.

Be sure to view the video a number of times … at least 3 times. Also, read the transcript and highlight the key words and intentions of the words.

N.B. Remember as you are analysing a video, you need to be aware of non-verbal behaviours that are 
demonstrated as well as the verbal behaviours.

C. DIRECTIVE TERMS AND THEIR MEANINGS for this piece of assessment. (Cite Write, 2011).

Identify – state and describe the anomalies using the literature to provide the basis for the identification.

1500 words.

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