Create an “ideal” nursing unit. Your facility is a brand new small critical access hospital that has 25 medical/surgical beds and a small rehabilitation unit with 6 beds. you will need to work together to research and discuss specific issues to create your nursing unit. For Part 1, write a three to five page paper that includes the following:

1.Would you prefer that your unit be part of a centralized or decentralized organization? Explain why you chose one over the other.

2.Will your unit have a shared governance model? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a shared governance model? What committees/councils will you create to help lead your unit? What will the committees focus on?

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3.Research and describe at least three models of care delivery using evidence-based sources. One model needs to be an innovative/future models. Then choose one of these models to be used on your nursing unit. Justify your decision.

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