Based on what you have learned so far this week, create a PowerPoint presentation with detailed notes for each slide that addresses each of the following points/questions.

No audio recording is required. Be sure to completely answer all the questions. Use clear headings that allow your professor to know which bullet you are addressing on the slides in your presentation. Support your content with at least three (3) citations through-hut your presentation. Make sure to reference the citations using the APA writing style for the presentation. Include a slide for your references at the end. Follow best practices for PowerPoint presentations by going to the Writing and Resource center, Module 3: Assignments, Microsoft, and utilize the Microsoft Overview and the Creating a Quality PowerPoint video.

Part 1: Provide three example questions, one for each category, that can be defined as a structured, semi-structured, or unstructured interview question. Provide a short justification for each choice. (Part 1 of the assignment should be addressed using at least 3 slides).

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Part 2: What are some issues you are likely to encounter with a study that focuses on childhood disease and illness? For example, what ethical and legal issues must you consider, and how can you cope with such issues as retention? (Part 2 should be answered using at least 3 slides)

Part 3: Describe three techniques, methods, or recommendations you can use to promote retention in a study. Include any additional personal examples of promoting retention you can lend that might not already be in the course materials. (Part 3 of the assignment should be addressed using at least 3 slides)

The following specifications are required for this assignment:

  • Length: 15-17 slides; answers must thoroughly address the questions in a clear, concise manner
  • Structure:
  • References: Use the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. Include at least three (3) scholarly sources to support your claims.

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