Students will select a contemporary cultural health population facing a global health issue to research critically analyze and develop a theoretically-grounded culturally-sensitive health program. A 6-paged (minimum) double-spaced research paper in 12 pt. Times New Roman font with subheadings is required including at least 5 peer-reviewed references (one can be the text and the other 4 must be journal articles; Wikipedia will not be accepted).Please cite in APA format WITHIN THE TEXT OF THE PAPER (author/organization year of publication). SUBHEADINGS (NOT numbered sections) are required throughout the paper.A reference page needs to be attached to the end of the paper listing all of the references in APA format used to write the paper (not included in the 6 required pages).Content quality of writing and grammar will be considered during grading. Final papers are due onThursdayof this week.Please include the following sections in your6-paged(minimum) double-spaced research paper:2. Explain theimplementation plan step-by-step how the program could be implemented for your target population

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