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Please respond the following questions using the documents and the link I have attached.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among the Elderly

1. Evaluate at least two roles that healthcare providers play—both positive and negative—in the rise of STIs and HIV among aging adults. Use the learning materials to support your claims. 500 words and in text citations.

Bauer, M., Haesler, E., & Fetherstonhaugh, D. (2016). Let’s talk about sex: Older people’s views on the recognition of sexuality and sexual health in the health‐care setting. Health Expectations: An International Journal of Public Participation in Health Care & Health Policy19(6), 1237–1250.

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Gott, C. M. (2001). Sexual activity and risk-taking in later life. Health & Social Care In The Community9(2), 72–78. Retrieved from

Syme, M. L., & Cohn, T. J. (2016). Examining aging sexual stigma attitudes among adults by gender, age, and generational status. Aging & Mental Health20(1), 36–45.

2.Reducing STI and HIV Risk Among the Elderly

With the increasing risk of STI and HIV infections occurring among older adults, many believe that education is the best approach to reducing this risk. Before writing your initial post, watch the video ‘PSA: Safe Sex for Seniors!’

Discuss whether the strategy of an “eye-catching” (or provocative) public service announcement (as shown in the PSA Safe Sex for Seniors!) would be effective in educating older adults about the risks of STIs and HIV. In other words, how likely do you believe the PSA would be in reducing STI and HIV infections among aging adults? 500 words and in text citations.

3.Reducing Stigma About Sex

After reading Syme and Cohn (2016), respond to the following prompt:

Identify two factors you found interesting, as well as explain how they help you better understand how to combat stigma and generational differences about sex. 500 words and in text citations.

4. Sex Education in the Modern Era

Sexuality remains important for many older people. Imagine yourself as a subject matter expert responsible for the content that will become a public video directed at older, sexually active adults. How will you motivate them to watch the video and remove obstacles (theirs and your own) to your message? What takeaway(s) can you leave them to encourage honest discussion about sex and sexual health with healthcare providers or other professionals? 500 words and in text citations.

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