Six Dimensions of Health Worksheet

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For each of the following six dimensions of health, list at least one characteristic, activity, belief, or attitude that reflects that dimension in your life. Provide a brief explanation with each example. Refer to Ch. 1 in Health for explanations of these dimensions.

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Physical health:

The ability to perform normal daily activities. This pertains to our general health. By eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis we can improve our physical health

Social health:

The ability to have a broad social network and maintain a satisfying interpersonal relationship. We all need someone that we can talk to so we can feel needed and loved. I am glad I have all the support I need.  I have my family and friends.

Intellectual health:

This is the ability to think clearly and analyze your critical thinking skills. One can improve our intellectual health by exercising our brain. I found out that there is websites out there that offer games and exercises you can do to improve your brain activity   to its limit.

Environmental health:

This dimension determines on how your health is depending on the environment you live in.  The environment affects you either is a negative or positive way.  Environmental health tackles all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a one’s, health impacting our behaviors.

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Emotional health:

Many people who are emotionally happy have a control of their emotions and behaviors.  They are able to handle life’s challenges on their everyday life.  Happy people are more likely to work better towards goal, it is easier for them to find resources to find their way in completing task.  They are more energetic and optimism.

Spiritual health:

This dimension is the capacity for love and forgiveness to be full field.  They believe in faith, values, beliefs and principles.   Developing spiritual health normally begins with one’s eagerness to give life desire and meaning through the interior examination of their worldview.

Part 2

In approximately 125- to 200-words, describe health and wellness in your own words using the ideas and concepts for each of the six dimensions of health.

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